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Coreshine linear lighting systems

Coreshine LEDs are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Its high efficiency of 170 lm/W makes it an ideal luminaire for retail spaces, warehouses, offices or industrial buildings.

  • Coreshine A Series

    The A series luminaires are for customers who demand a high degree of perfection and efficiency and for whom the aesthetic qualities of the product are important. The A Series is especially suited for illuminating flagship stores, offices and production areas.

  • Coreshine S Series

    The S Series luminaires are optimized for balancing lighting and price in places where aesthetics are less important. Compromises have been made in the casing material without compromising light output. The S Series is the ideal solution for warehouses and industrial applications.

Practical design

A unique design on the luminaire’s body provides a beautiful finish and functional mounting options. The luminaire can be suspended, mounted with clamps, extended in a linear system or connected to a track. The luminaires have low installation and maintenance costs and are extremely energy efficient thanks to LED technology.

We offer the luminaires in various standard sizes from half a meter up to four meters. Available in three colors – white, silver and black. Optics with different beam angles of 25-140° and unidirectional and bidirectional asymmetry are also available according to customer needs.

  • LED technology

    The luminaire is based on technology that utilizes modules of light-emitting diodes or LEDs. This technology is nowadays the most efficient and durable option in the construction of luminaires.

  • High-quality light

    The high color rendering index does not distort colors. In addition, there is no flickering caused by accessories, which the human eye may not see at first, but the effect can be felt in the form of headaches, fatigue and visual impairment.

  • Palju Many options

    Coreshine A and S series products are available in a variety of light colors, from warm white (3000K) to cold white (6000K).

  • Low power consumption

    Compared to fluorescent lighting, LEDs consume up to 3 times less energy. Compared to classic incandescent lamps, this is an almost ten-fold difference!

  • Minimum maintenance costs

    LED lighting does not require regular maintenance or replacement of lighting elements after installation. Just sweeping the dust off the luminaires is enough.

  • A perfect fit

    Light calculations are the way to find the best solution for your business.