We offer all services related to luminaires and lighting solutions, from product development to electrical installation and maintenance


We offer design services, covering the entire design cycle from concept to project creation. Our team of professionals works towards the expected end result throughout the process, involving specialists in their field from abroad to implement specific solutions, if necessary.


We offer management services for building lighting automation and safety lighting control devices.

Safety lighting design and setup

Luminec technicians are trained in Germany to set up and maintain all kinds of safety lighting systems. We are competent to work with Wireless, Data and central Battery systems.

Electrical work and installation

We perform all kinds of electrical work, from the construction of switchboards to the installation of luminaires. Our team consists of specialists in electrical work with more than 10 years of experience, thanks to which we are able to ensure a high-quality result even when it comes to the most complex tasks.


We produce luminaires and their components for sets of different sizes. You can also leave the serial production to Luminec, in which case we are also responsible for storing the components. The whole production process is guided by specific wishes with regard to the end result. We offer luminaires and lighting solutions based on LED technology with different materials, sizes, colours, control methods and mounts. We use only the best-quality components produced by recognized brands.

The old is new

In addition to production, we also offer retrofit solutions for older luminaires, where we replace the existing components with ones based on LED technology, bringing the wiring and controls together with the lighting solution to the present day.

Product development

In addition to developing our products, we also create solutions on a daily basis with many designers, architects and builders. The entire development process is guided by the customer’s wishes in order to find a solution that exactly meets expectations. Based on the skills, knowledge and experience of our team, we can develop and produce a wide variety of lighting solutions and luminaires.

Let’s start from the beginning

The most important part of the development process is to identify the needs. We can then select suitable components, create drawings, perform 3D simulations and lighting calculations. After the digital work, we move on to the production of real physical prototypes and product samples. Every product developed by Luminec has all the necessary documentation and guaranteed functionality.

We enjoy challenges

We work with well-known companies from all over the world on a daily basis and we know how important the choice of options is. That is why we offer solutions for working with different production volumes and materials – from metal and plastic, to glass and wood.

Assembly service

We offer luminaire assembly services, making the production process as easy as possible for our partners. Assembly is performed by specialists in their field, which ensures a high-quality end result during the entire process. If necessary, we also handle the logistics of the entire supply chain’s components, package the final product and deliver it to the desired destination.