About us

Luminec offers complete lighting solutions to meet the needs of all business customers. We are fully competent to participate in development projects from the planning phase to completion. In addition to design and project management, we are also engaged in the daily development, production and distribution of LED luminaires.

Clear communication and coordinated activities form the basis for good work. Our experienced team works day-by-day with all parties involved in the project to achieve results that you can always be satisfied with. Well thought-out and the best solutions are achieved through the cooperation of all parties involved, already at the design stage.

In 11 years we have

  • illuminated
    more than
    500 objects

  • operated in 10 different

  • saved more than
    5 000 000 kWh of electricity

  • supplied more than 200 000 luminaires

Our partners

We work daily with the largest architectural firms and construction companies, both in Estonia and abroad.

Join the Luminec team

Help light up exciting projects across Europe. Collaborating with the largest architectural and construction companies ensures that there is no mundane routine and every day is made up of interesting challenges.

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