General lighting

At Luminec you will find a wide range of LED lights for industrial and office buildings - profile lights for every wish and necessity, modular ceiling lights, track lights, downlights and more.


For general lighting we use both our own products, as well those produced by reliable and recognized partners.

Profile lighting

The profile luminaires can be surface-mounted, recessed, and installed with pendant wires at the desired height. There is also an option available where the light is transmitted both up and down the profile.

Modular ceiling lighting

LED panels can be utilized on modular ceilings, which is a good choice for any business space. The luminaires with clean lines and a minimalist design fit in the ceiling like a glove.

Track lighting

The versatility of the track lights means that they can be used for both general and task lighting.


Recessed downlights blend seamlessly into the interior, while surface mounted downlights add a beautiful accent.

Cornice lighting

We use LED strips and aluminum profiles to illuminate the cornices to create a lighting solution that perfectly matches your needs.

Furniture lighting

We also use a combination of aluminum profiles and LED strips to create the right lighting system for your furniture, which provide a wide range of applications for different solutions.