Luminec general lighting

Luminec's wide range of LED luminaires offers the ideal solution for a variety of commercial, retail and general applications. The range includes high-quality LED strips, LED panels, downlights, and profile lights with various mounting options and features.

LED panels

Luminec LED panels are a good choice for any business, retail or general space. Featuring clean lines and a minimalist design, the luminaires can be installed recessed in the suspended ceiling, mounted on the surface or suspended from it.

  • Microprismatic diffuser

    Softens the light.

  • Patented fast connection

    The luminaires are easy to install.


LED downlights can be mounted on the surface, recessed and suspended. Recessed downlights blend seamlessly with the interior, while surface mounted luminaires add a beautiful accent.

  • Possibility of a directable beam

    Suitable for places with the need for a movable beam.

  • Fire resistance of up to 90 minutes

    Available with IP44 moisture resistance.

Profile lights

The profile lights can be mounted flat, recessed, and with pendant wires at the desired height.

  • Microprismatic diffuser option

    Softens the light.

  • Moisture resistance of up to IP65

    Suitable for damp rooms or under the eaves.

  • Up / down light distribution capability

    Light is transmitted up and down the profile.