RiO downlight and track lights

RiO has been producing top quality luminaires for business and homes since 1989. Thanks to its innovative technology and beautiful designs, the company has today become one of the leading manufacturers of track lights.

RiO is a partner of DIALux.

RiO luminaires can be installed on different ceiling types

  • Surface-mounted

  • Suspended

  • Recessed

  • Track lights

RiO store

Light with a high color rendering index brings products to life, makes them more attractive and helps the most significant ones to stand out. By using track lights, it is possible to direct the customer's attention to exactly where you want.

RiO office

The downlights, which harmonize with the interior, are available in both surface mounted and recessed versions. All RiO’s designs for luminaires are based on clean lines and a desire to embellish the environment and be comfortable to the eyes.

RiO at home

RiO's wide range of luminaires offers every customer the opportunity to create a comfortable solution for every taste and need. Be it highlighted accents or a general warm homely feeling.