Unilamp outdoor luminaires

Unilamp is a recognized lighting manufacturer, who has been specializing in outdoor lighting and finding the best solutions for over 20 years. An excellent selection of products with different functionalities and designs ensures the right solution for every need.

Get to know UNILAMP products

  • Durable

    The luminaires are manufactured with all kinds of factors in mind – +40 degree sunshine, -30 degree frost, high salinity currents and much more.

  • Extensively tested

    Each model passes a series of tests to ensure quality - IP, IK, temperature resistance, electromagnetic compatibility, salt chamber, humidity chamber, vacuum chamber and the effect of wind load.

Good cooling means long life

For Unilamp luminaires, the heat dissipation in the luminaire casing is simulated in the design process to ensure the best dispersion of the light and to extend product life.

All Unilamp luminaires meet the ENEC standard and are available via DIALux.