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HAMK industrial luminaires

The industrial luminaires developed by Luminec and manufactured in Estonia, are designed to withstand the most difficult conditions. The weather resistance level of IP65, impact resistance of IK08 and temperature resistance from -40°C to + 45° C provide a lighting solution that ensures long-term effective illumination in any warehouse or industrial building.

Designed for industrial buildings

  • Moisture, dust and shock proof
  • Details made to last
  • Up to 7 years warranty
  • High efficiency ≥ 160 lm/W
  • Life expectancy 100 000 h
  • Payback period ~ 2.5 years

Only the highest quality components

  • Aluminum body

    The 6063-T6 aluminum body parts with good thermal conductivity that are covered with an anode layer, provide cooling and a long life for the luminaire.

  • LED elements

    We use LED elements produced by the US-based company CREE. Cree is one of the world leaders in LED technology.

  • Power supplies

    The MEANWELL power supplies are some of the most valued in the world, and are reliable in difficult situations.


Because LED technology is based on semiconductor diodes, cooling plays an important role when it comes to efficiency and product life. The key to creating an efficient, long-lasting LED luminaire is to provide sufficient cooling to the chip. The main profile of the luminaire to which all the details are attached to, was designed with the characteristics of LEDs in mind.

Made in Estonia

HAMK luminaires found their origin in Tallinn in 2014 when we realized the need for high quality industrial lights. From that moment on, we have been constantly developing our luminaire following the advancements of the LED industry.

The HAMK luminaires used today are from the third series. We can state with confidence that this is a high quality industrial luminaire backed by customers, facts and laboratory results.

Options for custom solutions

Powder-coated body

HAMK luminaires with a particularly durable surface finish are suitable for protection from acid vapors in galvanizing plants, for example, or in agriculture for protection from ammonia and methane gases, or at the seaside, where the level of airborne salinity is high.

Protective net

Luminaires that help to provide greater protection against various physical injuries are a good solution in, for example, gyms.

Extra casing

On HAMK models with an additional glass and casing, it is possible to replace the glass without disassembling the luminaire. This is ideal for spaces with more extreme conditions, for example those featuring shot blasting or sand blasting machines.

Recessed luminaire

We also produce solutions with a recessed edge for flat surfaces and ceilings. The color of the edge can be chosen by the customer.