Casambi management systems

An integral part of lighting is its control system. As developed solutions become more sophisticated and wall switches are no longer sufficient, we offer systems developed by the recognized Finnish company Casambi's which are Bluetooth-based and can easily be controlled from smart devices.

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Casambi's mobile application provides all the controls you need

  • Grouping

    Grouping of luminaires in the Casambi app works in the same way as grouping apps on a smart device. After grouping, all the lights in the group can be controlled simultaneously. When you open a group, you can control its members one by one.

  • Scenes

    It is possible to create different lighting solutions for different situations. One touch is enough to control multiple luminaires at the same time to create the perfect atmosphere for every situation. One luminaire can be used in multiple scenes.

  • Moving scenes

    Moving scenes are those in which light diffuses smoothly from one scene to another. Moving scenes can be set to run once or to repeat a cycle. The duration of each scene and the time between scenes can be set.

  • Gallery

    Casambi's unique gallery feature makes controlling even more precise. By taking pictures of the rooms to be illuminated or by uploading a floor plan to the application, the locations of the luminaires can be marked on it. The images will then appear in the application’s gallery, where you can control it by pressing directly on the luminaire.

  • Color of light

    Casambi offers a comprehensive color adjustment option. The luminaire’s manufacturer can pre-set the color range of the Casambi Ready luminaire. The colors can be easily changed in the application, and the favorite colors saved in the color palette.

  • Color temperature

    Casambi also offers thorough control of the color temperature. The luminaire’s manufacturer may pre-set restrictions on the Casambi Ready Tunable White luminaire to display the correct specifications in the Casambi application. The user can change the color temperature of the luminaire by sliding a finger over the luminaire icon.

  • Daylight sensor

    This control feature allows you to reduce artificial light during daylight to provide the best quality lighting and reduce power consumption. The daylight sensor measures the luminance and sends the illumination indexes to the network. The sensors can be either stand-alone or integrated in the luminaires.

  • Presence sensor

    The Casambi lighting control system supports motion sensors to save energy by turning the lights on only when needed.

  • The control hierarchy

    Casambi's control hierarchy enables collaboration between manual light control devices such as applications, switches, buttons and automated devices such as sensors and timers.

  • Calendar and timer

    Scenes and moving scenes can be set to a suitable day or time. All Casambi’s components keep track of time.

  • Sunrise and sunset

    Casambi’s components calculate local sunrise and sunset sequences based on the user's time zone and location. When Casambi wants to know your location, the app temporarily uses GPS to find where your mobile device is currently located.

  • Gateway

    The Gateway feature allows remote control Casambi’s components. It is possible to control the luminaires connected to Casambi and to change the network settings.

  • Scalability

    The Casambi system is scalable, making it equally suitable for single rooms or large building solutions. Casambi's solution is based on unlimited networks. Casambi allows you to switch on or off multiple networks or scenes that include lights in different networks.

  • Synchronization

    The Casambi system organizes itself and is always in sync. In such an evenly distributed symmetrical architecture, one link may remain disconnected but it catches up with the others.

  • Elements

    The Elements feature helps Casambi users create unique business-specific solutions and products within the Casambi system. Products may include curtains, doors, or any device with relays - even a coffee machine. This function allows the lighting to be controlled by motors.

  • Parameters

    Parameters are the manufacturer's specifications for the luminaire. Parameters include LED version, power consumption, driver version, temperature and other information. These values ​​can be read and, if necessary, changed by assigning a new value to a particular parameter and saving it.

  • iOS and Android

    You can use the Casambi app on almost any smart device, as it is available for both iOS and Android. Simply go the App Store or Google Play and search for Casambi.